Sa., 27. Feb. | Kühlhaus AG_Winterthur (Physical Event)


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Time & Location

27. Feb., 18:00 – 23:00 MEZ
Kühlhaus AG_Winterthur (Physical Event), Schlachthofstrasse 23, 8406 Winterthur, Switzerland

About The Event

• LUMINO UNIVERSUM • Every matter in this dimension has a vibrating field fuelled by pure energy. Nothing rests, everything around ourselves vibrates at its frequency, and so do we. However, as sentient beings, we are given the illusion that we are separated from what surrounds us, due to different energy manifestations in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. But in fact, we are not separated — we are all living in a continuous ocean of energy. This pure energy has its source within everything throughout the universe. What is this source? Consciousness. Enlightenment. And Light is the missing evolutionary ingredient that our species has long been yearning about. Pure energy permeates everything. This pure energy generates a field around it that attracts and connects to the energies of the same vibrating frequency. While the feelings of Darkness (fear, grief, and despair) vibrate at a very low frequency, the feelings of Light (love, happiness, and gratitude) vibrate much quicker, at a higher frequency. The more vibrating Light energy is compressed into this field the more intense the vibration gets within. Eventually, the energy field manifests itself into the matter: Lumino. Lumino is a higher dimension connected to all and accessible to ALL! Itʼs a place were Art, Wonder, and Energy are shared, a synergetic force that grows from the love, happiness, and gratitude it generates, like a self-excited circuit. Itʼs a bio-tech haven where we are kept protected in freedom from the darkness of external influences and connected to the real reality where we are all one energy. One source. One essence. Open yourself for the possibilities of this supra-dimensional reality. Open yourself to the Light. And step right in. Welcome to Lumino!

• 1st Part _ THE CONCERT 

We Proudly present to you:

- GAUDI _ Live Performance (UK) 


(It is such an honor to host such a name)

- KAYA PROJECT _ Live in Concert (Band) 


Finally, we are making a dream come true, more than a dream, a vision, and it will happen as we so thought. A show from Kaya Project with visual like the world never experienced!

- KUKAN DUB LAGAN (ISR) _ Ambient Show 


Label Boss and Manager of Feel Life Music will present us with the best Ambient show that we have presented. 

• Visuals


exclusive show, mind-blowing! 

• Bar / Foof / Art Gallerie / Shops

  • 1st Phase _ Concert

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